Bari 2010

Bari 2010

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Official sites of the artist philosopher:
Fabio Barzagli on Facebook

Documents for the press:

  • Curriculum Vitae for the press (english language)
  • Fatherless America: all statistics about damages of the absent father

  • Press Fatherhood (italian language): short collection of articles and intervies
  • Press Multimedia (italian language): short collection of events, contests and interviews
  • italian Manifesto about Feminism and the anti-male society

  • Featured interviews:

  • An interview to the founder of (english language)
  • La musica come sistema educativo. Da Mensile Duemila (italian language)

  • Old sites created by Fabio Barzagli:

    Site about Demoscene (years '90)
    International portal about Amygdala (neuroscience, 2015)

    People who are appreciated by Fabio Barzagli:

    Claudio Risé, one of the most interesting writers about fatherhood and wild man. Jiddu Krisnhnamurti, indian philosopher of the XX century appreciated for his deepness and essays about the complexity of life. Some others: Saint Francis, Gandhi, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Nikola Tesla, Carl Gustav Jung, Tiziano Terzani, Robert Bly, Charles Bukowski, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Jim Morrison, Kahlil Gibran ..

    Favourite movies and musical groups:

    Blade Runner, The Wall, Interstellar, Zardoz, Frequency, Monsieur Ibrahim, Scrooge, Antwone fisher, Idiocracy, Matrix, Flash Gordon, Big Bang Theory (telefilm), Kung Fu (serie, David Carradine), Forrest Gump, Into the Wild, In my Country, I am Sam, Rocky Balboa, Daddy day camp, Charlie Chaplin movies ..

    Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Genesis, Mozart, Vangelis, Vasco Rossi, Renato Zero, Alanis Morisette, John William, James Horner, Ennio Morricone, Andrea Bocelli ..

    This biography has been made after the deletion of Fabio Barzagli's wikipedia page. Fabio Barzagli's page was frequently vandalized by feminist fanatics because of his social activities in favour of fatherhood and childhood rights.
    You have to know that We are not living in a free world where people can express their thoughts: so many good guys fighting for fathers and children rights have been persecuted in last decades.
    Never trust what main televisions and newspaper tell you. They are often slave of hidden powers like capitalism, feminism, multinational corporations, and other deviant and insane movements. Go to google and search better information, don't believe blindly but think wisely, observe, be aware of what it is.