Bari 2010

Bari 2010

Writings and Books

Since He was a child Fabio Barzagli showed the passion for writing, his favourite moment at school was the free Essay where He can express all his fantasy.

He has begun writing short poems, love and science fiction stories in preadolescence.
His first complete story was La Valle della Vita (The Valley of Life) written at 17 and later published inside the book Diventare Padre, Ultra edition.

Let's go analyzing all the Fabio Barzagli's bibliography:

(Science of Complexity, new eyes on Society, Family and Psyche)

The Science of Complexity is the better science describing life in all its forms, from the birds fly to the functioning of the brain, from the reason of the existance of the family and human social aggregations to the laws governing an economic environment, and so on..

The essays of the Trilogy:
- Man and Women: one single culture, 2008 edition
(let us understand the genre culture conditioning)
- The Family.. Why?, 2009 edition
(from past reasons to future opportunities, available only in italian language)
- Psyche and Umanity: user manual, 2009 edition
(a study on the complex functioning of human systems)


- Ecutaional Ideas 2.0, 2008 edition
(individual, social and scientific aspects of fatherhood in the 21st century)
- Defend yourself from hostile women
(a survival manual)


- A Tale for Isabel
(the importance of the father to make the son happy)
- The Green planet
(a future between wilderness and civilization)


Barzagli has been publishing over 500 writings and articles in his career, great part have been written for italian newspapers and magazines. Some of them have been translated and you can find them here below:

- Why am I a Father?
(the rock and the flower)
- Reborn
(the inner father and the sleeping child)
- Things to count on
(daddy is mine)
- Children pushed to excess
(the protection of childhood and adolescence)
- Psychological violence and Underages
(the most frequent violence that underages receive before, during and after a divorce)
- A new man
(dedicated to people who lost everything)
- The sex industry
(sex cannot free us but we can free our sexuality)
- The distance adoption
(me and my daughter we love each other)
- One Step Ahead Towards Civilization
(fathers kept away from their own children)


Together with the creation of Barzagli has been creating some collateral sites linked to the main portal, here some of them:

- Psychoglossary, what do wicked people think?
(mind knowledge, break the chains of manipulation and slavery)
- Separated father, blog 2007
(to the words of a father resisting for years)
- Back to the Wood (italian language)
(a young man go back to footsteps of the father, of the wild man and traditional cultures)

.. and other italian blogs.


- Diventare Padre (To Become a Father), Ultra edition 2014
Il libro si propone come strumento orientativo per neopadri in cerca di risposte su come fare il padre.
Dal libro: " Essere padre vuol dire donare ai figli la capacità di trovare un senso, la stabilitа, un futuro migliore, perché possano sempre voltarsi e vedere con chiarezza da dove sono venuti. "
Dalla prefazione di Paolo Ferliga, psicologo: " Illustrato da immagini molto belle, scritto con uno stile semplice e chiaro. Diventare padre è uno strumento prezioso per una riflessione su di sé, sulla societа e sull’importanza del padre. "
- Affrontare il Divorzio (To Face the Divorce), Ultra edition 2014
Il libro si propone come strumento di orientamento per padri che devono affrontare il duro ostacolo della separazione.
Dalla prefazione di Giancarlo Ragone, avvocato: " Un libro pieno di contenuti, dati, statistiche, leggi, consigli, diritto e psicologia; insomma un contributo al bene comune, pagine di buon senso che scorrono liete e di conforto. "
- Pensieri e Poesie da uno Sconosciuto (Thoughts and Poems from an Unknown), Scatole Parlanti edition 2022
Un libro molto particolare che tratta i temi della depressione e del disagio mentale nella società moderna.
Dalla prefazione di Carlo Zeuli, scrittore: " Leggere questo libro sgombrerà la mente. Ci si renderà conto di aver letto dentro sé stessi con una maggiore consapevolezza. "

The official page of the three books:


Iron John: A Book About Men, Robert Bly; The Strong Woman's Desire for a Strong Man, Maja Storch; Complexity, Morris Mitchell Waldrop; The Penguin Krishnamurti reader, Jiddu Krishnamurti; C.G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters, C. G. Jung.


It's possible to read some aphorism by Fabio Barzagli clicking here below:

"We use to think about Universe as something far, made of stars and big bang. But there is another fascinating Universe we rarely look into, made of neurons and dna. What happens if we look at ourselves with the same passion and desire we watched stars in childhood? Questions, to find answers. Each Universe has its own secret. What about ours? Maybe happiness." -- Fabio Barzagli